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We are not heading toward the sixth mass extinction event – We are neck deep in it! 

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NoOneGetsOutAlive Documentary
NoOneGetsOutAlive Documentary

Take a journey into the Matrix of Clandestine Geo-Engineering and Bio-Engineering Operations.

We are currently witnessing the outright destruction of the human habitat. Geoengineering are lethal experiments, creating a toxic sky under which we are continuously sprayed with lethal combinations of aerosols that we are breathing in every day. Over 300 species being extinct every day, in large due to these eugenics programs.



This thoroughly researched and meticulously produced and presented Documentary will alert you to environmental dangers deliberately being perpetrated on the citizens of our World by the Military-Industrial Complex. This film ought to gravely shake your confidence and trust in our government if you are concerned about the future of our planet because it details a conspiracy of extermination and One World Communist control of everything. You will begin to connect the dots from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to our current day disruptive society where we are all being turned against one another. We are all being played as foolish pawns in a chess game where all the odds have been stacked against us and Walter Schmidt has brilliantly laid out all the pieces and moves being played against all of us. We must all understand that this dystopian plot can only be stopped if our population views and understands the ramifications of this documentary and takes appropriate measures at the voting booth. - Bill Hultquist
Understand the meaning of the title, “No One Gets Out Alive!”
Sometimes in the course of human events, an act so heinous is exposed that it triggers a universal reaction in us all. The Documentary, "No One Gets Out Alive!", will not only blow your socks off, but it will also have you demanding immediate action on the part of our government and the military-industrial establishment. I guarantee you will be so enraged that you will want every citizen of the world to be informed about this outrageous horrendous threat. - William Hultquist
It will blow your socks off!
One of the best documentaries on what's really going on in the world! A must watch so that you can get all the facts on U.N. Agenda 21 and what it really means to humanity. - Martyn Greene
Excellent Documentary!
"I often find plot lines about conspiracies interesting, but not very realistic. That's part of the disturbing part of this film. There is a lot of evidence presented that seems hard to refute. I tend to think that people, in general, are good. So, this whole geoengineering thing may have started out with good intentions, but it seems like it has gone completely out of control with dire circumstances, and no one is admitting to the problem. It's hard to fix something you can't even admit to being broke (or even existing). Needless to say, this film has sparked curiosity and personal research to explore what is going on and why. I like to say data, and this film is packed with data and stats, as well as interviews with people in the know. This is one of those films that everyone should see and make their own decision!" - Bill Soroka
Disturbing and Thought Provoking
"Many of us like the fairy tale World we live in every day. It easier to look the other way and not address the ugly and disgusting truths that scare us and keep us up and night. Money and power rule, there are people and organizations who have enough money to assure they live when no one else can't...they will secure their future in any way they can. This movie is thought provoking and full of facts and information that we must know. This is a must see for everyone who is ready to really know what they pretend they don't want too. This movie proves with knowledge, data and facts what really is happening in our World today in regards to climate engineering. Awesome movie and worth every minute of my time." - Sean Kosla
A Must See Film, Shocking and Informative
I was absolutely astonished at the level of corruption this film exposed. The rabbit hole is quite deep. Its amazing to me how many people don't have a clue what is going on not just in our skies and in our food and water but in our government behind closed doors! I'm sickened and mad at what our world has become. The USA is suppose to be better than this. This film exposes things you probably never heard of and debunks the lies and propaganda fed to us by the mass media. THANK YOU to those who researched the multitude of documents and information to bring to us the TRUTH! You deserve an award! - Karen Gallagher
Best documentary I've seen on the subject by far!!! Excellent!!!” - Mike Brewton
Best documentary I’ve seen on the subject by far!
"Not only does it contain a wealth of information about what we think of as geoengineering, but it also puts the whole thing in perspective and gives you the big picture. A thoroughly well researched and presented video, I would heartily recommend this [documentary] to anyone who is keen to learn more about the world around them.” - Simon “
I would heartily recommend this [documentary]
When will it be available for purchase? It's by far the best comprehensive explanation of what is going on. Loved it and told many about it. Hoping it will be released soon so many of us can help to raise awareness. Thank you!” - Mary Jo Robke
When will it be available for purchase?
"No One Gets Out Alive! is an important documentary featuring aerosol geoengineering over the Grand Canyon. This is a scenic location that contrasts with the devastation. Some visitors, interviewed in the film, are unaware of the aerosol spraying. Others are aware or are clearly trying to hide the covert Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) program. Convincing expert testimony is also included in the film. Kudos for promoting awareness of this global catastrophe."  - "Anonymous"
No One Gets Out Alive! is an important documentary

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The shocking realizations for the reason of Geoengineering

This is where Politics, Corporate Special Interest and Natural Science interconnect. Atmospheric Aerosol Injections have a multitude of applications; weather modification, terraforming and military applications are among them. Yet, most disturbing are the plans for mass depopulation. Geoengineering is a clandestine and worldwide implemented weapon system, deployed to eliminate human life on earth. Globalists preparing the planet for a post-human era. And this plan is disguised as a “climate change” emergency. Once Geoengineering is openly admitted, the brainwashed majority of the population will believe, the mass pollution due to Geoengineering the skies, is a bold plan to save humanity rather than exterminate it.


This is where Politics, Corporate Special Interest and Natural Science interconnect. Atmospheric Aerosol Injections have a multitude of applications; weather modification, terraforming and military applications are among them. Yet, most disturbing are the plans for mass depopulation. Geoengineering is a clandestine and worldwide implemented weapon system, deployed to eliminate human life on earth.  Globalists preparing the planet for a post-human era. And this plan is disguised as a “climate change” emergency. Once Geoengineering is openly admitted, the brainwashed majority of the population will believe, the mass pollution due to Geoengineering the skies, is a bold plan to save humanity rather than exterminate it.

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8.8 IMDB rating
1080p HD
133 min playtime

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Best documentary I’ve seen on the subject by far!



Documentary Film Intel

Terraforming the Planet
Video and Photographic Evidence
Agenda 21

Terraforming the Planet

  • “Global geoengineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, destroying the ozone layer (which is exposing all life on Earth to extreme UV radiation), and contaminating the entire surface of the planet with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals. Massive levels of radio frequency transmissions directly related to climate engineering are yet another layer of destruction which is radically affecting the trees, us, and the biosphere as a whole. It is imperative to wake the masses to our common plight.” -Dane Wigington


Video and Photographic Evidence

  • With video and photographic evidence, it has been shown the aerosols are being disbursed by commercial and military aircraft with different methods. These methods will be highlighted in the film.
  • Military aircraft of the type KC-10 Extenders and KC-135 Stratotankers, which are deployed for specific aerosol operations.
  • Retrofitted nozzles on commercial airliners.
  • Fuel additives in the jet fuel.


The clandestine Agendas behind Geoengineering

  • This is where Politics, Corporate Special Interest and Natural Science interconnect. There are a multitude of pressing issues that are worthy to be included in the Director’s Cut of “No One Gets Out Alive!”. All these are a part of a master plan and executed by Corporate Special Interest Groups. How else could we explain that while GMO’s are outlawed in 30 Countries, the US is outlawing the labeling of GMO’s on packaging? As it becomes painfully obvious our elected officials are paid and bought for by Corporate Special Interest groups, among them Monsanto, and making a profit and getting away poisoning people is on their Agenda, rather than serving them. The corporate imperial ambitions are in detail described by people such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Adviser, in his published book, “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives” as it provides more details on US Imperialism and how to create centralized power, leading to a one world Government. All things we are seeing unfolding today are eminently interconnected.



Expert Opinion about “No One Gets Out Alive!”

  • “The battle to expose and halt climate engineering is gaining momentum rapidly. The presentation of credible and compelling data relating to climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management is essential if the currently unaware population is to be awakened to the ongoing atmospheric spraying assault. The 2 minute video below is a preview for a soon to be released shocking documentary exposé of the covert global climate engineering programs along with other converging threats that we collectively face. The documentary film title is “No One Gets Out Alive”. Theatrical Trailer on site or on YouTube! “This documentary provides a mountain of indisputable data that is very clearly and thoroughly presented. Aerosol dispersion types and methods, radio frequency manipulation of the atmospheric aerosols, who is involved with the programs and why, all are addressed and disclosed. This documentary will provide a very powerful tool for effectively waking the masses to the climate engineering insanity that is occurring over our heads every single day (and other critical issues/threats that we collectively face). “No One Gets Out Alive” was directed by Walter Schmidt, a very dedicated individual that has devoted himself to the fight against climate engineering. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Walter for his tireless research and work on this essential documentary.” ~ Dane Wigington,

Why Private Screenings?

    1. Aside from the important fact that private screenings help us funding this project through donations, they also provide individuals a firsthand look and insight into the significance of these matters. Also, every private screening concludes an extensive Q&A session, where the Director and Producer Walter Schmidt addresses directly questions from the audience.
  1. Our primary goal is financing the public release of the completed documentary film “No One Gets Out Alive!” and the funding of the Sequel Production “Vantage Point.” For this purpose, we are seeking business informal investors. If you are interested, please contact Walter Schmidt via email: inquiry@


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