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Geoengineering. “No One Gets Out Alive!”

January 14, 2019     admin   0 Comment     , ,     News, UN Agenda 21 / 2030

While “No One Gets Out Alive!” is focusing on one highly important subject, that of Geoengineering, the “Director’s Cut” expands into the enormous web of its multifaceted purpose. The film describes in detail not just the dire consequences Geoengineering has on the Biosphere, but also establishes the involvement of the military industrial complex, governments and multinational corporations. In the final chapters “No One Gets Out Alive!” connects the dots of clandestine operations and the United Nations Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030.

Dane Wigington wrote:

“The battle to expose and halt climate engineering is gaining momentum rapidly. The presentation of credible and compelling data relating to climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management is essential if the
currently unaware population is to be awakened to the ongoing atmospheric spraying assault. The 2 minute video below is a preview for a soon to be released shocking documentary exposé of the covert global
climate engineering programs along with other converging threats that we collectively face. The documentary film title is “No One Gets Out Alive”.

Watch the theatrical Trailer on site or on YouTube!

“This documentary provides a mountain of indisputable data that is very clearly and thoroughly presented. Aerosol dispersion types and methods, radio frequency manipulation of the atmospheric aerosols, who is
involved with the programs and why, all are addressed and disclosed. This documentary will provide a very powerful tool for effectively waking the masses to the climate engineering insanity that is occurring over our heads every single day (and other critical issues/threats
that we collectively face). “No One Gets Out Alive” was directed by Walter Schmidt, a very dedicated individual that has devoted himself to the fight against climate engineering. I wish to express my most sincere
gratitude to Walter for his tireless research and work on this essential documentary.” ~ Dane Wigington,

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