A Blind Spot you can’t afford to overlook

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People are so distracted these days, having a blind spot comes with the territory. For example; not recognizing the master plan to enslave humankind and to extract as much life-force out of the masses, before killing them off.  If you think this is a Conspiracy Theory, you are missing to see the big picture.



The big picture that’s unfolding across the planet is a plan to exterminate 90% of the human population under the pretenses to “save” the planet. This is a bold statement for anyone who hasn’t been introduced to the Elites Plans to exterminate human kind. To make people recognize this blind spot, we suggest the Article “Agenda 21 – Truth is stranger than Fiction.”

In this article I want to highlight the plan to exterminate human kind by two important developments:



Dangers of artificial Intelligence becoming “self-aware”

Anyone who watched the Science Fiction Action Film “Terminator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg, has entertained the possibility that one day robotic systems become self-aware and will find a way to bypass their human controllers. We are seeing the advent of “Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems” and with the dawn of quantum computing it won’t be long until we will be able to build machines with capabilities that will far surpass human competences. Subsequently, it is not farfetched to assume humans could lose control of these Artificial Intelligence Systems. Also, these AI machines could be programmed by their Psychopathic handlers to kill with impunity.

Artificial Intelligence replaces human workers

A common blind spot is failing to recognize that robots are already replacing humans more and more in the labor force. Thus eliminating the need for a world of impoverished human workers. Globalists see the only reason for humans to exist to be exploited for cheap labor and manipulated votes. This would no longer be necessary once robots take over the work force. In case you haven’t noticed, for years robots are in development to replace human workers. This article shows, how heavy duty robots are now being introduced to replace human labor in construction.

Blind Spot



Another blind spot is failing to recognize that the open border – socialist democrat policies and their support for healthcare coverage for illegal aliens will eventually become an unsustainable financial burden. This is created by design, in order to collapse the financial systems of developed countries. It would force governments to print more money and take on larger dept. The subsequent hyperinflation would render the currencies worthless. Of course, the United Nations already have a plan to solve the Machiavellian problem they have caused all by themselves.  By exchanging the now worthless currency with a new World Currency. And that would come with a high price tag for the now bankrupt sovereign nations; relinquishing the control of the government to a New World Order. A United Nations One World Government. Clearly, the support for open borders and flooding countries with illegal migrants is a strategy to overthrow sovereign first world nations in Europe and the United States. In Europe there is already the talk of a United States of Europe, relinquishing Nation States. And in the US, there is the same Modus Operandi used, by creating a massive humanitarian crisis at the southern open border with Mexico. Subsequently the United Nations (the name says it all, doesn’t it?) and their Globalist handlers want to eliminate all borders and establish a One World Government. From there, the global depopulation programs can be controlled without the otherwise ensuing conflicts from resisting independent nation states.


If you become offended or defensive when I am pointing out that specific political groups are supporting these ideologies, you are having a blind spot. Regardless, if that is the case, you might want to rethink your political affiliation, because I am just pointing out the obvious. This article is just dealing with the Agendas outlined to change our existence into a dystopian nightmare. If you have read the above mentioned article “Agenda 21- Truth is stranger than fiction” than you most likely are agreeing with the notion, or at least are very suspect that the United Nations Handlers, their supporters and their eugenics plan to exterminate humanity is nothing short of evil. Another fact is that Democrats are in support of open borders and health care for illegal immigrants. Leftist and Socialist Democrats as well as Globalists alike are ready to replace low-wage humans with robots, according to their plans. Contemplating the robot replacement of human workers; robots collect no welfare, workers compensation or retirement benefits. They require no food stamps and have no sick days. Once Artificial Intelligence becomes “conscious,” and robots can replace all human labor, the globalists will very quickly accelerate their plan to exterminate what they consider an “excess of humans.” That is currently 90% of the global population.



While I was self-reflecting back on my life, I remembered one of my trips back to my hometown in Germany, visiting my parents. I’ve had a conversation with my late father, one year before he passed away. He was asking me: “Son, I’ve been watching these TV commercials and lately they’ve been mentioning all the time something called “www.” What does this mean?”

Because my parents never used a computer in their lifetime, it wasn’t a surprise to me that the World Wide Web was a foreign concept to my father.  I did my best to explain the meaning of URL’s, Websites, and the Information Highway, now readily available to anyone with an internet connection. I unpacked my Laptop and gave him live examples of webpages and the vast possibilities of researching and access to any content. Nonetheless, I had that feeling as if my dad was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what we call “Online Browsing.”  He was confused on how to find specific information, which brought us to the subject of “search engines.” Now this being truly a challenge for him to wrap his mind around, what search queries are, I was fortunate enough to easily “put on his shoes” as I grew up in a time that was pre-dating the Internet. I was able to explain it in his terms by comparing it to his Encyclopedia Britannica in his office; I said it was the same, just much more comprehensive. I explicated the web as an ever growing, massive library, with more “books” being added daily. I highlighted the fact of its seemingly progressive growth ratio in size and speed of access with some humor; I said it grows so fast that while I was explaining it, we’ve probably missed the latest trend. Now imagine how someone must feel, when introduced to the concept of an “online trend” while never even have turned on a PC. That’s when I called out for a break and made us coffee.

My dad was in his mid-seventies and sat for the first time in front of a computer. Understandably, after a while, the whole experience felt to my dad more like magic than a logical process.


While we surely are not in Kansas anymore, not all is well with the Wizardry of Oz.

Today most people are, unlike my father, more in tune with the modern technology and are using the internet on their Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops daily. Yet you might be surprised to hear that while my father had a distinctive disadvantage in gathering information, today many people might be even more misinformed than he was. If these findings don’t apply to you, than you are aware of the latest trends; (hoping you haven’t missed that one like my father did) – to shape public opinion by offering “selective information” online that follows desired narratives of what the handlers want you to see, rather than the unbiased information you are seeking. In fact, millions of people who get their news from the internet or their TV are not aware of that MAINSTREAM NEWS CHANNELS are shaping their viewers opinion subconsciously through “gaslighting.”

In my father’s Encyclopedia Britannica “Gaslighting” was described as follows:  Gaslighting, an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation, usually practiced by a single deceiver, or “gaslighter,” on a single victim over an extended period. Its effect is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in his own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from appearance, thereby rendering him pathologically dependent on the gaslighter in his thinking or feelings.


The Rabbit Hole goes far deeper than you think

Search engines have the monopoly on internet searches, namely GOOGLE, and are heavily influencing people’s perception by providing selective information on their top ranked search results. These deceptive techniques have shown to influence masses of people in their decision making. This is especially troubling, as search engines have the power to influence elections.

Another large portion of people get their news from the Social Media Giant FACEBOOK, and are not conscious that their opinion is subconsciously shaped by blocking social media pages who offer alternative information that is not in accordance to the Social Media Giant handler’s opinion. These pages are “Shadow Banned,” never to be seen or found by most users.

While the information technology has made tremendous strides forward and is capable to assist us in accessing massive datasets, the dark side of humanity seems to win once again and reversing the progress of knowledge. By banning information, rather than helping people to see the facts. Instead of providing a state of the art information powerhouse, the internet was destined to become, the handlers who are in charge, using the World Wide Web to further their personal agendas and shaping public opinion.





It is in general prudent to be prepared for natural catastrophes, especially when you are living in areas that are prone to natural catastrophes, such as Tornados, Hurricanes, Earthquakes or extreme weather.

Many of us have become complacent and lethargic, living a relative peaceful life, with no major interruptions. Most households do not even have enough emergency food and water to last for three days.

Blind Spot #1 is a definitive additional indicator that not only natural disasters could strike. It is not a question IF the next major (human made) crisis will happen, but only when. Remember Rule #1: “Once a major crisis has occurred, the time for preparation has passed.” There will be no time left to rush to the stores for drinking water or supplies. The shelfs will be emptied in minutes. Gasoline will be sold out within the hour. Streets will be gridlocked soon thereafter. Curfews will be imposed. Within two days people will run out of food and water, riots will start in dense populated areas. Full blown civil unrest, including looting and murder will ensue shortly after. Martial law will be declared.



Have a stay-in plan in case you are getting stuck or don’t have the means to bug out. If you can afford it, have both plans ready. Next, decide under what circumstances you would stay in and when to bug out. Make sure everyone on your team knows, trains and follows the plan. Your life may depend on it.

STAY IN PLANNING: This includes at a bare minimum:

  • A tactical plan involving each team member to secure the home.
  • Enough storable food and drinking water, lasting for at least two weeks for each person.
  • Installation of hardened defensive mechanisms, such as door and window bars.
  • Emergency Aid Kits and medical aid training, including gunshot and stab wounds.
  • Emergency flashlights, propane gas cooker, toilet paper, wet wipes and a hand crank ham radio.
  • Firearm(s) and Ammunition. Tactical firearm training as well as unarmed self-defense training.
  • Increase your physical conditioning.

BUG OUT PLANNING: Including bug out vehicle(s) and strategic relocation to a secure remote homestead

  • A strategic relocation plan, including scenarios when being separated.
  • A well-equipped Bug Out Bag for each team member
  • Well maintained Bug Out Vehicle(s), including spare tire, spare gasoline tanks, tools and blankets.
  • A homestead at a remote location.
  • Firearms and ammunition to defend yourself.



There are many so-called soft kill programs underway. From Geoengineering, poisoning our air, to lethally spiked vaccines. Yet one of the most obvious soft kill programs is often overlooked. The poisoning of our food and water. It goes without saying that one of your major goals should be to stay mentally and physically as healthy as achievable. This is impossible to accomplish, when your body is continuously fed with poison, masqueraded as food. Major diseases such as cancer are on the rise and become a factor people have to cope with. Eating healthier and an active lifestyle can reverse these trends.  You can lower the risk by following some simple rules:


  • Eating ORGANIC / NON GMO vegetables, fruits, whole grains and less red meat and processed foods.
  • Filtering drinking water
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Watching your weight
  • Limiting Alcohol consumption
  • Avoiding Tobacco


non gmo verified

For more information on how harmful Genetically Modified Organisms are and healthy lifestyle changes, visit www.nongmoproject.org



It may sound naïve to people who are awake, to even contemplate the reasoning behind avoiding these Blind Spots, as they are put in place to purposefully mislead the masses. The reasons are so painfully obvious.


They want us all dead. Gone. Period.

Unfortunately, you will encounter everyday people who are brainwashed by the mass media propaganda apparatus and will insist this is a massive Conspiracy Theory. Don’t let yourself be talked out of addressing these Blind Spots by their ignorance.  Stay Informed. Pass on the information. Be Prepared.

While our social media page is heavily suppressed by their so-called “tolerant left policies” of censorship, our website is gaining momentum. New subscriptions to our blog are added daily. The articles on this website are tools to arm yourself with information. It must be understood by everyone who believes in having a future worth fighting for that the only way we can stop the oncoming man-made crisis, is by awakening the masses. And yes, especially well-meaning people who call themselves “woke” while obviously sleepwalking through life and failing to acknowledge their Blind Spots.

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