Understand the meaning of the title, “No One Gets Out Alive!”

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This thoroughly researched and meticulously produced and presented Documentary will alert you to environmental dangers deliberately being perpetrated on the citizens of our World by the Military-Industrial Complex. This film ought to gravely shake your confidence and trust in our government if you are concerned about the future of our planet because it details a conspiracy of extermination and One World Communist control of everything. You will begin to connect the dots from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to our current day disruptive society where we are all being turned against one another. We are all being played as foolish pawns in a chess game where all the odds have been stacked against us and Walter Schmidt has brilliantly laid out all the pieces and moves being played against all of us. We must all understand that this dystopian plot can only be stopped if our population views and understands the ramifications of this documentary and takes appropriate measures at the voting booth. – Bill Hultquist