Save Humanity Documentary film in production. Slated for release in spring of 2022

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Dear Readers,

A new documentary film is in production and slated for release in the spring of 2022!

Never before in history was it more important to share information that will affect us all.

Despite all the government and media censorship efforts, there is excellent information available in alternative media, ranging from the COVID pandemic, vaccine mandates to the looming financial crisis, open borders, and many other highly controversial matters.

We have noticed that an important factor is missing in most reports; how they are all connected and ‘manufactured’ to create this crisis, we are in today. And more importantly, where this leads us. Because to influence an outcome, we must understand who is in charge and why this crisis happened.

‘The Save Humanity Project’ outlines in concise chapters the unfolding events and is ‘connecting the dots.’


The Save Humanity Project – A chronicle of events that will lead to the demise of humanity, if we don’t act in response.

Never before in history has humanity faced such Abomination of Desolation. There is a concerted effort made to lull people into an unconscious state, to ignore the immediate danger they are in. Cloaked in legislative secrecy and hidden behind the veil of corporate anonymity, the authoritative rulers of the world with their unconscionable abuse of power, are executing a plan that will lead to the destruction of humanity. This warning is not about some dystopian future, but it is unfolding today.


For more information and future updates about the Documentary Film, please visit the Save Humanity Project Website.

Coming Soon:


Save Humanity

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