Patriot Network Update

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June 17, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are nearing the release of the new Social Media Platform “The Patriot Network.”

The initial release is limited to 5,000 members. This limited release is designated as our Beta-Test and will allow us to work out any technical challenges we may encounter. Once all issues are mitigated, the full release to the public will be authorized.

The Beta Test period has no time limitation, because we prefer to ensure a great user experience, before releasing a product to the marketplace. We estimate the Beta Test to take between 2 up to 12 months, depending on the challenges we are required to address. During this time the network will be available to our members with all its functionality and without limitations. However, it is quite possible that during Beta-Test the platform will undergo vast updates and improvements on functionality and design. This being said, as Beta Tester you will be directly participating on finalizing our product. For more information on Beta Testing the Network, please click here. For more information about the Patriot Network please click here.

That is also why we would like to welcome your participation as one of the first 5,000 Beta Test members. You will be able to experience what the new social media platform has to offer and at the same time, we will appreciate and welcome your input, assisting us in discovering and sorting challenges out.

To sign up as Beta Tester is quite simple now. All that’s required is for you to visit and fill in the simple form, where your name and email address is required. That’s it.

Soon before our deployment, you will receive an email with a unique signup code that will be assigned specifically to you. Next, you log in, establish your personal account, set your privacy requirements and design your home page. We would also like to recommend to invite a few of your friends, so you can also try out and enjoy the mail and chat features right away.

We are very excited to start this new online adventure together with you and look forward to connect with you at the Patriot Network.

Sincerely Your

Patriot Network Team

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