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4th of JULY 2020


We declare our Independence from the censored Social Media.



Welcome to the Social Media Revolution!

My name is Walter Schmidt and I am the Senior Executive Officer for Media Production and Technical Director of the Patriot Network. I would like to address two major questions, I am sure you want the answers to.


Why have we constructed a new Social Media Platform?

Changes in the social media environment are desperately necessary. Many people have realized that over the year’s major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are censoring accounts, if the content is not in alignment with the Overlords political views. Also, if you are promoting products and services through their costly Ad campaigns, they likely were not seen by potential clients. If the content turned out to be of Conservative nature, you were Shadow-Banned and ended up in digital gulags, where no one was viewing your posts any longer. I speak from personal experiences, as one of my pages, with over 97,000 followers, with a weekly reach of about 2,000.000 views was throttled down to a mere 100 views per week and finally got terminated under shady pretexts of breaking the “community guidelines”, without ever being provided with any proof of the alleged transgression.

If you feel like me, you are tired of this malpractice, where activists try to control and suppress your freedom of speech and freedom of expression. When my account was terminated, I said: “Enough!”

Furthermore the malpractices of selling your data to third parties, from retail companies for advertisement rationales, or to “Three Letter Agencies” for surveilling your every move has to stop. These applications serve as surveillance apparatuses, where your behavior is surveilled, including what you type, places you visit and even what you say is recorded! Yes you heard me right. I hope this doesn’t come as a shock, but these social media platforms and their mobile apps record what you say, even when turned off.


What differentiates us from the established Social Media Platforms?


First of all, we understand your desire to stay connected.

We realize that you connect with your friends and families on these platforms. That is why we made it easy. You don’t need to worry about disconnecting from your social media accounts all at once, but we have created a smart way for you to check your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds directly in our application. While some of your friends may not be ready to join us, it will be easy for you to stay in touch and check your feeds WITHOUT the need to switch back and forth from App to App. It all will be done within the Patriot Networks extremely user friendly Graphical User Interface.

“Our intrinsic goal is to assist our people to increase their quality of life.” ~ Walter Schmidt


The Talent Section

There are many perks included inside our Network. For example; you have the possibility to list your Talents in the “Talent Section”. You then have the possibility to share them with the world. This in turn enables other members to brows your profile (if enabled by you) and hire you for some work that you are qualified for.


The Bucket List Section

Here, you can go ahead and freely dream build. You can post pictures and list your specific dreams and goals. People love to talk about their passions and this is the place to do it. But it gets better. Imagine; someone on the network may notice a particular craft you have, listed in your talent section and is offering to fulfill one of your dreams for providing your services. You have a chance to create win/win deals. After the motto; “while we all engage with each other, we might as well support each other.”

An additional section lets you post pictures about fulfilled Dreams. So you can share your adventures with the world.


Everything You Desire

Naturally, everything you came to appreciate will be there as well. From an advanced timeline, to instant chat, likes, photo albums, adding groups, you name it… it’s all there.


Expanding Your Business Online

If you are a business owner or Entrepreneur and want to promote your products and services, you came to the right place. We have multiple, highly customizable Marketing Packages that can be tailored to fit your needs. You will find a vast spectrum of business tools available; from Ad Campaigns to offer “Specials” and promoting Sales, creating banners and custom designed business pages. Your imagination is no limitation to our business pages.



Whatever drives you forward to accomplish your goals and dreams is as unique as your personality. The expression of both should never be compromised or controlled by others. What we pledge to you is; anything that is protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, is protected by us. In fact, our social meeting place surpasses borders, as our platform will be available worldwide in virtually any language.

Patriots who love their country and freedom, from anywhere in the world are welcome with us. If you are from Germany: “Herzlich Wilkommen in unserem Sozialen Netzwerk!“ If you are from Italy: “Un caloroso benvenuto!” No matter where you are from, let’s create a community everyone loves to be a part of.


Grand Opening for Patriot Network Beta Testing

Our Network will be opening first to a limited Beta Test Group. This group will have a maximum attendance of 5,000 members. Our Beta Test is slated to begin on July 4, 2020.


How to sign up for Beta Testing

If you are already invited as a Beta Tester, or like to sign up now and have decided to join our test group, we highly encourage you to invite your social media friends as well. This enables you to test out features you will use within your inner circle. Such as the invite friends, creating private interest groups and private chat, just to name a few. If you have friends interested in joining, please let them know to send us an email with their name and email address to: with a note: “I am in!”


We have noticed that many of our messages we sent out are being bounced back as spam. Thus it would be important to let your email provider know to “White List” the above email address, including  If you haven’t heard from us, that means our messages were blocked or send to your spam folder. In this case you can also periodically check in here, to get the latest updates.

As Beta-Tester you get to test out the network! We truly appreciate your input. If you notice something that needs improvement, we are all ears.  We will listen to your ideas for design and network functionality as well. In essence, you will become the founders of this amazing network and will be recognized as such, after the official public release.

The Beta Test has no set timeline. It will continue until we feel absolutely confident to open the network up to the general public.

We as a group will be able to finally create a Social Network Platform as it was meant to be. Private, User-friendly and fun. We hope to see you there soon!

Wishing you all the best!

P.S. Look me up on the Patriot Network when you get a chance!


Walter Schmidt

Senior Executive Officer, Media Production

Thrive Factor, INC.


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