An Open Letter To President Donald Trump

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by William Hultquist
August 24, 2019


Dear Mr. President,

According to the investigative evidence contained in the documentary film, “No One Gets Out Alive!”, and detailed on their official website 1 by the same name, the Central Bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Committee of 300, and the United Nations are already running the New World Order.


Your campaign message, as President Donald Trump, rightfully so, is composed of positive, patriotic rhetoric designed to uplift our population from the mind-numbing hypocrisy experienced during the Obama era. But again, a great deal of our younger programmed generations is having nothing to do with your message because they read and listen to the gaslighting being delivered online by social media and the MSM. They consequently hate you and condemn you as a racist for your policies on immigration.

Thank you for your stand on sovereignty and protection of our borders. You have not manufactured a crisis, the Marxist Communists intent upon taking down our Beautiful Constitutional Republic are using an invasion to manufacture a crisis.

Meanwhile, the Central Bankers, who own the USA, and control our Country through their Federal Reserve and require us to pay them their unearned interest through their Internal Revenue Service, can crash our economy at their whim by selling off their stocks, bankrupting our middle class, and buying back even more of the huge multi-national corporations at depressed prices like they have done decade after decade.

We the people have no defense against these attacks on our economy. The Central bankers want all of our assets and have contrived a New World Order to strip us naked of resources and to become totally dependent upon them. Shockingly, the globalist rulers of our planet believe that 95% of us must die in order for them to survive. 9

The problem remains because the Predatory Class, the establishment in Washington, DC, which is defying the orders of President Donald Trump, the duly elected President and the deep state strongly ensconced around you plan to never let you disrupt the way they have conducted business since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He like you wanted to end their influence on our beautiful American Republic.

I know these words must fill you with anger and frustration because you are a good man, Like George Washington, and want to save our American Republic. However, you can’t do it by yourself. To save our Republic, American citizens must understand that they need to vote for Representatives and Senators pledging to stand and vote for limited government and conservative constitutionalism. We need to take back our Republic by knowledgeable voters helping to educate people in their voting districts. Candidates need to be vetted according to their pledge to support our constitution and their previous voting record on the freedom index.

Here is the link to the Intro Reel. If we could receive an endorsement from the President Donald Trump, to watch this short 7 minute intro reel, it would help our cause tremendously.

We are slowly waking up to the consequences behind this horrendous New World Order scheme. Mr. President, don’t you think it’s time to disclose the facts, distribute the documentary, get the American voters discussing and understanding the issues, voting the treasonous Marxists out of office, and taking back our beloved Republic?


About the author:  
William Hultquist, CEO of ThriveFactorInc. (
Bill Hultquist is a serial entrepreneur who contributes his time to further the conservative movement. 
His dedication is to return the United States of America to the values contained in our Constitutional Republic.

















    • hotrodcadiJan 30, 2020 at 12:12 AM /

      This is a great letter. I hope the President was able to see it and read it and ponder it so he can do something about it!

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