A New Social Network In Development

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The Social Network You’ve Been Waiting For

There would be so much to say about what’s wrong with the current social media networks. All over the world, people are losing the right to free speech and/or being censored online. These censors behave unpredictably. We believe nobody has a monopoly on truth and the right to become the standard-bearer of free speech. Also, the trust that these social media platforms keep your private data safe has been eroded. In many instances, we’ve been made aware that your private data has been sold and users have been monitored. If you are watching independent media, you are well aware of the fiasco. But rather than making long, drawn-out statements about what’s wrong with today’s social media, we would like to dive right into the Patriot Network, what it offers and how it differentiates from the social networks you are familiar with.


Introducing The Patriot Network

Patriot Network



Just saying that we are different is not enough; we want to prove it. That’s why our code is open source.  For you “propeller heads” out there, you already know that open-source code is a type of computer code in which the copyright holder grants users the right to study the code. Meaning; there will be no shady business going on behind the curtains, without you knowing about it.



At the Patriot Network, we connect people and your private information is none of our business. We won’t store or sell your private data. We won’t monitor or track you online. This means that your private conversations will remain private. The user settings on the elaborate dashboard provide people with the ability to set their privacy step by step. You decide what you share and with whom.


Freedom of Speech

Our social network is not just respecting your right to privacy but also the right to freedom of speech. This means, what is protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, is also protected by us. Everyone has a voice at the Patriot Network.


The Social Network Infrastructure

The feature-rich environment at the Patriot Network is providing users a vast amount of convenience. The built-in components enriching the online experience and the features you came to appreciate from your social media accounts are all there as well. And in many cases even better. An advanced timeline, chat, mail, photo albums, check-ins and the ability to like posts are all-inclusive.


Customize your Experience

While we offer an array of presets to accommodate our users, making their profile page their own, we also extend customization with the ability to write your own CSS Code. And should there be anything unclear, simply ask questions and give answers. In the FAQ section, users can interactively search and create solutions. The more the database is used, the more answers will be available.


Promoting your Products and Services

The Patriot Network also offers advanced Business Pages with fabulous layouts. With various Ad Campaign packages to your disposal, the Patriot Network offers proven benefits to promote and grow your business.


Personal and Business Development

Patriot Network memberships provide access to qualified coaches in a variety of specializations; from business-related topics to life coaching and personal development. Huge, ever-growing information libraries round up our quest for the best social network experience.


What We Need: Financing

Because our social media platform is constructed in-house, we are able to build the Patriot Network on a surprisingly small budget. And I would like to mention that as of October 2019, we have already over 40% of the project completed! For the rest, we need your help.

The construction of a turn-key social network including startup operating cost, as well as the initial marketing campaign, would require an investment of $55,000 US.

Funds will be allocated for the following items:

  • Server Infrastructure | Tech Support
  • Required Hardware and Software
  • Network Development | Network Maintenance
  • System Maintenance Technician
  • Marketing
  • Office Maintenance
  • Attorney
  • Accounting and Payroll


Support the Patriot Network at our Crowdfunding Page


What You Get: Perks

The Patriot Network will be an ever-expanding knowledge base, where life-coaches and business experts will offer their expertise to assist you in moving your life forward.

Members of the Patriot Network will have access to life coaches and business experts through subscriptions.

Helping us getting started enrolls you into our Patriot Network Founders Club. Depending on the size of your contribution, you will either have acquired a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership. Being a member of the Founders Club provides you with lifetime access to the subscription-based programs, starting from Tier 4 (Bronze) to Tier 1 (Platinum) subscriptions.

Life Coaching

Additionally, if your donations are at a Gold Level, you will receive one annual subscription for a Premium Package, assisting you in promoting your products and services. The Premium Package is valued at $755.40.

If your donations are at a Platinum Level, you will receive one annual subscription for a Pro Package, assisting you in promoting your products and services. The Pro Package is valued at $2040.00.


The Impact and Objective of building a Social Network

We want to enrich the lives and possibilities of the Patriot Network members by providing access to qualified coaches in a variety of specializations that can help lead interest groups, as well as ask the powerful questions that bring our members into awareness and action. The Patriot Network aims to enhance people’s lives and aid our members in focusing on what matters most to them and work toward rebuilding their belief system into creating a life of meaning rather than a life of mere existence.

We want to create a Social Network as it was meant to be, by connecting people and assisting them in improving their lives through education and by creating new opportunities.


Building a Social Network: The Risks & Challenges

Challenge One: While we have the know-how to build this social network, the challenges in offering such a platform comprise public acceptance. A successful social network is measured by the size of its memberships.

Challenge Two: If people love our ideas and join our network (free), the server and maintenance costs would gradually rise. In order to offset the growing costs, we would require our members to take advantage of the products and services we offer online. Such as Life-Coaching or Business Development subscriptions, including our Business Advertising Packages.


Other Ways You Can Help

By spreading the word about The Patriot Network and encourage people to join, you can have a tremendous impact on our success. Pass on our website at https://patriotnet.org/ to your friends and colleagues.  Show them this fundraiser. It can make all the difference in the world.

Most Sincerely,

Your Patriot Network Team


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